Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of IMG Swedish Model Frida Gustavsson in the Character Sketch Book

Volume 3

Frida Makes Flights Enjoyable

Well Hello Friends! I’m back from my 18 hours in NY! Prom was amazing! Thank you Sophie for going with me, and thank you Claudine for having me come out to it! It was a blast! :)Well, on the flight i drew for the first time a model that my friend Alice showed me. Her name is Frida Gustavsson! I have to say, she is currently my Biggest Model infatuation right now! I love Drawing her, she is amazing. So elegant & sweet. I ended drawing like 6 or 7 pictures of her on the flight. This is one of pictures i did. i was on a roll. hahaha Well, i hope you’re all doing amazing. :) P.S. I posted this video of this 6th grade kid covering Lady Gaga Song on “Inside my Brain“. Check it out. It’s mind blowing! haha It is!

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