Artist Danny Roberts character sketchbook sketch of australian model Gemma Ward with leopard fur on her back

Volume 2

CSB 142

Hi Friends. Sorry for you the absence. As i mentioned in my last post, i’ve been getting ready for The Mural project for Tiffany and Company. Been working 13-16 hours per day for the last 7 days, just to finish it in time. I just finished the mural design last night. I’m pretty exhausted, but so happy with how it turned out. i can’t wait for you all to see it, and i can’t wait to get working on it in New York. David, my sister Mandi, and I are flying out this Saturday. I’m going to be painting in Soho next Monday through Wednesday (August 6-8). I will let you know the times i’m painting soon :)

The picture today is Character Sketchbook 142 of Gemma Ward. I drew this 3 years ago. i thought it would be a fun drawing to post for today. Are any of you watching the Olympics? What’s your favorite sport to watch so far?

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