Igor and andre Danny Roberts Experimental Painting of Fashion Model Tanya Dziahileva Sitting in White Blue and yellow

Volume 3

Tanya Dziahileva CSB 216

Hey there my friends, How did the weekend go for you??? Mine was pretty good, Though i’m extremly tired today. I guess i got a case of the “Mondays”. But anyways, I finally picked up drawing in my Character Sketchbook. This is my first painting in it in a while. The Painting is of the lovely Tanya Dziahileva. I really hope you like it! :)

P.s. Posted a Ridiculous Video i made yesterday with my friend Alice on “Inside My Brain“… We had a Wii Bowling Tournament… I won’t say who won, you’ll just have to watch and see! haa You can See it Here

A painting of Tanya Dziahileva from Character Sketch Book by Danny Roberts

Volume 3

10 Minute Nap

Good Day! How are you all doing today!? :) Well, this week has been non stop! I’m in a desperate need of sleep… (YAWN) But, oh well. This is the 4th 10 minute sketch in my Character Sketchbook. I’m starting to really have fun with the 10 minute sketches. :) The Sketch is of Model Tanya Dziahileva. Hope you all are having a great night! P.S. Thank you New York Times for the mention today! :)

Danny Roberts Painting of tanya dziahileva Holding her Hand Like she is praying from Volume 3 of the Character Sketchbook

Volume 3

Pretty Please

Hello, hello Friends, Well, i have a meeting tomorrow with a company my friend Jason Jones (who is an amazing artist; check him out here) works for. I’m meeting with the company he works for to discuss a project i’m pretty excited about… can’t give away too much yet… but all i can say is, i’m pretty excited! The painting today is 215 out of Volume 3 of my Character Sketchbook. It’s going to be so fun to publish this book some day… I’m also having fun drawing Tanya Dziahileva, she has such fun features. Well, i hope you all are having a wonderful day! P.S. I can’t believe Fashion Week is only a few months away… the world is moving too fast!

Danny Roberts 10 minute sketch of tanya dziahileva page 213 out of his character sketchbook

Volume 3

10 Minutes with Tanya

Hey Friends, Happy Cyber Monday! Thank you all for your support. I’ve been packing & shipping prints all day. How was your weekend? Mine was great. I started drawing in Volume 3 of the Character Sketchbook. It was really fun, cause i kinda got new direction for volume 3. I want to improve at speed drawing, so i started doing some 10 minute drawings. and i added Tanya Dziahileva into Volume 3. I’m having way too much fun drawing her. So i hope you like this 10 minute sketch. :) Also, made a 10 minute sketch video, click here to see it :)

Danny Roberts newest Modelizing Drawing of Lily Cole with a Bow & Arrow

Volume 3

Cupid’s Red Headed Sister

Wow, it seems like today disappeared in a second! I’ve been painting all day on a picture for my friend Miss Julia Frakes of Bunny Bisous!Just finished it up! and there is a surprise that comes along with it. ;) Oh, also, did you see the comments are missing?! I switched domains this morning to IgorandAndre.comand when it switched, all my comments were missing. :( I just wanted to tell you all that I’m still working on getting them back…The drawing today is drawing 211 out of my Character Sketchbook. It’s of Miss Lily Cole. I hope you like it. :)

Volume 3

The Ladies of Meisel

Hello, my friends. How did your day go??? Mine flew by so fast. Since you all had so many nice words about the Character Sketchbook…. I thought i’d post an image from Volume 3 of the Character Sketchbook, (which is the Volume i am currently working on). This picture is from a photoshoot of one of my favorite photographers, Steven Meisel. I thought i would censure the painting cause i wouldn’t want anyone to be offended :) But if you want to see the original version of the picture Click Here. I hope you like it! So i was sitting looking at some fashion collections from a few years ago, which makes me have a few questions for you… 1: What year in the 2000’s do you think had the best Fashion Collections? 2: What year in the 2000’s do you think had the best editorials? 3: What year in the 2000’s do you think had the best models? I got my answers… Excited to hear your thoughts! :)

a Fashion Painting of Sasha Pivovarova wearing a jacket with pointy ears by Artist Danny Roberts.

Volume 3

Sasha & the Pointy Ears

OK, is it just me or do you want a coat that has sweet ears like this one! Shoot! When i saw this editorial, i couldn’t stop thinking how amazing that coat was. Well, my friends, we are almost done with the week. How’s your week going? Mine has been a long one. Been swimming alot more than i usually do; it’s been quite nice. I’m going to try to up date the store with new prints people have requested, so if you have any requests, just let me know. :) This drawing is drawing 209 out of Volume 3 of my Character Sketch Book of Sasha Pivovarova If you want to see more Drawings from Volume 3 Click Here or if you want to see more Drawings from my Character Sketch Book Click Here

Fashion illustrator Danny Roberts painting is inspired by Numéro Korea january 2009 by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello and of model Myf Shepherd

Volume 3

The Rat Race

This is Art out of Danny Roberts 3rd Volume of the Character Sketchbook. The Painting is drawing 203. Well, it Monday, Monday, Monday! How was your weekend? Like i said in the last post, i started a Twitter account. Still not sure how it works and all… so i just keep posting a blow by blow of my day… haha i wanted to post the third drawing i did a few days ago from my Character Sketchbook. It’s weird to think i’m in the two hundreds already in the book. Kinda fun. i think it will be a fun book to publish in the near future to show my drawing evolution. :) Well friend, i hope you’re doing wonderful. Happy day! The Drawing was inspired by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello photo of model Myf Shepherd.

This is Danny Roberts Art out of his Character Sketchbook, it's drawing 202 its of mona Johannesson holding a magical Owl Looking like a Princess.

Volume 3

“Mona and the Magical Owl”

“Igor it’s alive aaaliveee!”- Dr. Frankenstein I’m having fun doing these new pages. How are you all doing? i really love the weather this time of year. Well, drawing number 202 is of Mona Johannesson and a Magical owl. I mean, how could i resist! Is it just me or does Mona Johannesson remind you of a Princess? Every time i see her, my first thoughts are Fairytale Princess. hahah Well it’s true! i hope you all are doing great! To see more from Volume 1 and Volume 2 see volume 3 just clickClick here

This is the first drawing from Volume 3 of Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook. The Photo is by Steven Meisel.

Volume 3

Volume 3 ? ? ?

Well, yesterday my cousin was hanging out in my studio working on a self-portrait for her art class. i was just sitting there going over my projects and i made a big decision… and my friends, I’m happy to say i have started on VOLUME 3!! of the character sketchbook. i wasn’t sure if i was going to do another volume, but i started it and it just started flowing again! i’m excited. i hope you like it!