Danny Roberts Painting of tanya dziahileva Holding her Hand Like she is praying from Volume 3 of the Character Sketchbook

Volume 3

Pretty Please

Hello, hello Friends, Well, i have a meeting tomorrow with a company my friend Jason Jones (who is an amazing artist; check him out here) works for. I’m meeting with the company he works for to discuss a project i’m pretty excited about… can’t give away too much yet… but all i can say is, i’m pretty excited! The painting today is 215 out of Volume 3 of my Character Sketchbook. It’s going to be so fun to publish this book some day… I’m also having fun drawing Tanya Dziahileva, she has such fun features. Well, i hope you all are having a wonderful day! P.S. I can’t believe Fashion Week is only a few months away… the world is moving too fast!

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