Artist Danny Roberts Sketch book Drawing of a girl holding a bird

Travel Drawing

A Drawing in the Dark

Hi everyone!
So we have been super busy, but I’m glad I can get some drawings up.
This one I did on the plane in almost complete darkness on the flight to Tokyo. Haha It was kind of crazy, but I really like the style of it. What do you think? I hope you are all having a great week! :)

Little boy with a fro sketch by danny roberts Vogue Enfants

Travel Drawing

Plane Sketch of Vogue Enfants

Y-A-W-N… Opps, sorry for the yawn! Oh, my, I’m tried! Trying to get back on California time… but it’s a little bit of a transition. Before I got to bed, I thought I would post a quick sketch that I did on the plane ride to New York. I really like how it turned out! It’s from my new favorite thing in the world… Vogue Enfants!! The pictures from Vogue Enfants look incredible! When i saw this picture, i knew i would draw it! ;) I hope you like it. Also, it’s my brother’s 27th birthday today! Go follow him on twitter! ;) His name on there is @David_Roberts_ And finally got an Igor + André twitter account too. Click here to check it out :)