Igor and andre Fashion Artist Danny Roberts painting of a girl with blue eyes laying on her back with arms over her head

Mixed Media

The Girl In the Darkness

Good day! How are you doing? Today has been wonderfully relaxing. I sat and painted all day. It been a cold coffee day for the last two days (which is my favorite kind!) Which on a side note, this has been one crazy summer! I can’t remember a summer being this cold. I love it! I know it sounds weird, but i love cool weather. :) The Painting today is kinda different, huh? It’s a little bit on the darker/creepy-ish or maybe not creepy but Mysterious side. But i really like how it turned out. It’s a crazy mixture of Pen, Color Pencil, Water Color, Ink, CRAYONS!!! hahaha I love Crayons and i haven’t colored with them in so long! Well, i hope you like it :)

Danny Roberts Live mixed media painting Sketch of His older Brother David Roberts of igor and andre

Mixed Media

A Live Sketch of My Brother

Well, my friends, the post today is something a little different… I wanted to get better at live sketching, so I decided to start practicing it on the weekends, so my brother was nice enough to sit still for this sketch/painting i did of him. I like how it turned out. it’s kinda crazy, what do you think? :) I hope you like it, and hope you are having an amazing day!