Danny Roberts black and white layered painting of Gemma Ward

Black and White

One of my Favorites

Hey Friends!
How did your day go?
Well, I’ve been working on learning new skills today…
So far, i’m a slow learner… but hopeful things will click soon.
I thought i would post of my favorite pictures i’ve made of Gemma Ward or anyone really. :)
I did this one a few years ago.
I really like how it turned out.
It has a really strong look to it.
I thought i would post it for some of you who haven’t seen it :)

black and white photo of writer, blogger, stylist editor Bunny Bisous Julia Frakes sitting in front of  Cristoforo Colombo Statue & Monument

Black and White

Statue of Christopher Columbus

Morning morning! Wow! Thank you for all your kind comments on the video! I’m officially done with the painting, so I’m really excited to post it tonight! :) The photo today is one i took of my friend Miss Bunny Bisous, Julia Frakes. It was right after we left the Gerlan Jeans show. My brother Dave and Julia and I had a lovely lunch out at the Statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle. I took this picture during that time. I really like the motion in the picture.