Red Garden

$960 USD

Pen, Ink, & water Color on 100% Cotton Fiber Paper. Art Size: 13 X 19 in

About This Piece

What happens when you take REDValentino‘s Spring 2020 collection, as well as old Vogues, and sprinkle some manga in there... Well i guess this Fashion Illustration is born. I had been working on writing my first manga, "Lost in the Crowd", when fashion week rolled around, so I think the two merged a little. This was the first collection of the season I saw, and I was instantly drawn in by the garments’ silhouettes and the setting. It reminded me of a tucked away little garden. Ever since I was a kid and first saw the movie "The Secret Garden", the concept of hidden gardens and hidden spaces has fascinated me. I think that is why every concept sketch I did for this piece I kept coming back to this garden setting. Also while doing research For "Lost in the Crowd", I've been reading a handful of different manga. I've been blown away and massively inspired by Mangaka control of value and tone. Which made me lean toward a simplified almost block print style coloring.

The Red Garden Illustration on 100% cotton fiber paper, signed, with certificate of authenticity. The art dimensions: 13 X 19 in. The  'Red Garden' Original Illustration was released September 13, 2019. This Original is Seasonal and Available Between September 13th - October 13th.

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