Pieter Bruegel the Elder Hunters in the Snow Painting of a green snowy landscape with foxes for Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday

The Sun Sets on Tomorrow

Hey Friends Happy Inspiration Friday! The Set of Images Features Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Lev Efimov, Kay Nielsen…. and I’m not sure who took the first black and white Photo, or the giraffe one. Today is going to be a crazy day for me so i thought i would post this for you early in the day. I’ve been painfully busy as of late… but I’m hoping i can slow things down so i can get back posting a lot more for yawl! :) Do any of you have some fun plans for the weekend? Well i hope your having a wonderful day!

A black and white Photography portrait of a girl with her head leaning back and eyes closed with 1930 style hair Hansel & Gretel illustrated by Kay Nielsen of a forest with big trees and a bright little house for Igor and andre inspiration Fridayinspiration Friday image of 20th century Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen Fashion Illustration of 3 girls with big red hats and Photographer Lev Efimov black and white portrait of a girl with hand on forehead and girl reflection on mirrorArtist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Painted portrait of a women with a hat and red hair and red lips and a yellow blurry photo of small red giraffe
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