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Art Patron

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The Heart of the Patron Program

One of my biggest desires is enabling everyone who has been following along and supporting my artistic journey to own my art. I know for some of you, owning original art pieces seems out of reach. Living as an artist for over a decade, I’m humbled by your support  and your investment into my work. Your support has meant the world to me. It’s kept me going during the most discouraging times. and was the driving reason for me to create this Patron’s Program. I wanted to to partner with you and make something that blesses you for all your support.

In my Patron's Program, there are no tiers; you can contribute whatever is comfortable for you. Whether it’s $1 a month or $100, it’s all a blessing to me, and I want to give back to you as much as I can. Consider it your ‘Art Savings Account’.  You are free to increase or decrease your monthly amount. If life throws a crazy month at you, just adjust your monthly amount to fit your needs. Whatever you contribute, you can apply towards a purchase of open edition prints, limited edition, originals, or commissions pieces. en your a patron, On top of applying your contributed balance toward purchasing art, The first month you’re a patron you get 5% off your order. Every month in the first year your a patron, the discount increases. At the end of the first year you get a 20% discount. From that point on you’re discount percentage goes up a percent every year.

Also as a patron, you can reserve one piece at a time whether you have the money or not. No down payment and no payment plan. It just means I won’t sell the piece to anyone but you. So you could take your time build up your balance. Until buying the piece becomes reality :)