Tavi Gevinson on the Cover of Pop Magazine Drawn by Danny Roberts

Magazine Cover

Miss Tavi on Pop

Hello, my Friends, How are you doing? You having a good weekend? Mine has been great! i love the weekends, they are so wonderful! I’m really excited about this week. My really good friend Mr. Ryan Baxley & I are going to meet up later this week, and start planning out The Dream Walking Society album. The Dream Walking Society is a collaboration music Group Ryan & I started like 4 years ago. As time went by, i think i have like 200 song starts on my computer, so we decided to finally finish an album. So i’m pretty excited. The drawing today is of Miss Tavi on the cover of Pop Magazine! How awesome is it that she was on the cover! But since I love drawing covers, I thought this was a perfect cover to draw. i hope you like it :) Also, check out Tavi’s Blog Here … Now, i think I’m going to challenge my brother to a round of Mario Cart!

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