Artist Danny Roberts Black and white Portrait of wilhelmina new york model from Martinique and models dot com top new comer of spring 2011  Melodie Monrose


Melodie Monrose Top Newcomers Series

Morning! So.. I realized today that i got side tracked and i haven’t finished posting all of the portraits i painted for‘s Top Newcomers Spring 2011. Sorry for that! So picking up with the Posting, today’s model is Melodie Monrose. As i’ve mentioned in previous posts before i draw anyone, i really like to get a sense of who they are, so i will try to find interviews or videos and i will look through tons of pictures, because i think all the knowledge and feeling for the person comes out subconsciously in the portrait. When i was researching Melodie, all the comments and articles i read commented about her being such a pleasant soft spoken girl.

When i looked up pictures of her, she had a gorgeous elegance, and one of the most beautifully natural smiles i've seen.

Which made me especially excited about painting her portrait. I really like how it turned out. It is one of my favorites in the series. What do you think? Also, how was your weekend? Mine was really good. My brother and i spend some time working on writing our book. The story is coming along. I'm shooting for a year & a half from now to have the book written... hopefully, we can finish it by then... ;) P.s. Just wanted to say thank you to IMG Models for there kind words on there blog.

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