Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Experiment 3d photo and Digital Painting of Marchasea Fall 2011 Lace dress from New York Fashion Week

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Marchesa Fall 2011

Morning! So i’m really excited to show you a little project i’ve been experimenting with. I know it’s really really really different than my usual work. But I’m someone who likes to constantly experiment. I really don’t like doing the same technique or medium twice. So i thought it would be interesting to try my hand at 3d Modeling + Digital Painting. So this was one of my first experiments. It’s from Marchasea Fall 2011. Which if you haven’t seen it check it out here. I’ve been a fan of Marchesa Collections, and the second i saw this dress I got the idea of a girl laying down with the dress flared out on an ornate rug under her, and i really like how it turned out. It’s so trippy don’t you think? I hope you like it.

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