a girl under water with eyes close and bubble and hair floating up for inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday

Drowning in a Flash of Memories

Hey Friends! Long time, no see! So sorry for the absence… I have a big project with a short deadline, so i’ve been working 24/7 to finish. Still not done yet, but i thought i would do an Inspiration Friday post to hopefully help inspire your day! I hope you like the Pictures! I wish i knew who took them. Let me know if you do ;) Have a great day!

Images from We Heart It, Maggie Lochtenberg, Álfheiður Erla, and Amanda Berg. I’m not sure who did the other ones, or where they are from? If you know, i would love to link to them :)

the lovely model Natialia Vodianova wearing a flowed hat, and Pablo Picasso half painted picture of Arlequin assis (Seated Harlequin)Two Inspiration Friday Images of guys and Girls Kissing close up and at the beach with Flower WallpaperA Red Headed girl laying on her back with her arm overing her eyes for Igor and andre Inspiration Friday
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