Fashion models Chloe Memisevic & Bronte Dyke back stage at Charlotte Ronson photo by artist Danny Roberts

Fashion Week

Chloe Memisevic & Bronte Dyke

Morning friends. :) So i was looking through some folders on my computer today, and i realized i have about 300 pictures i haven’t posted yet. and i have been unsure where to start on posting them… so i thought the best way of doing it is just to start posting them! haha deep i know ha. But here is the first of many to come. it’s of Chloe Memisevic & Bronte Dyke at Charlotte Ronson Spring 2011. I really like how the picture turned out. Both the girls have a very interesting look. Welp i’m off to paint! hope your like it and hope your having a great day~

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