This Picture is from Danny Roberts character Sketchbook, Volume: The Lily and Gemma Book.

The Lily and Gemma book

oh the Beginning…

October 30, 2006 It was an overcast day, i was visiting my brother at school with my friends, Ryan and Alice. I was sitting on the ground hanging out when i had the idea to do a sketchbook to monitor my journey of learning how to draw. Two years and 199 drawings later, here i am, one left. I sat down last night and looked through Volume 1 of the Character Sketch book. It was so fun to see the growth. That’s why i posted drawings 3 and 4, so you could see the starting point. :) Thanks for all the name suggestions on the book. It helped so, so, so much. I think that i have decided on the book’s name. i’m running them by my partner in crime, Sophie, and few of my friends. Once it’s 100%, i can’t wait to tell ya! Welp, i hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday. Watching Seinfeld right now! Such a good show. :)

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  1. Anonymous | Reply

    I found your blogg yesterday, and I just can’t stop thinking about it. Your drawings are beautiful. Would you tell me what pencils you are using?

    September 1, 2008 at 12:16 pm