Gemma Ward dressed as a nun drawing by Artist Danny Roberts

Volume 2

Character Sketchbook 174

Hey guys~! How are you all doing today? It’s been a great Saturday. Went to the beach with my brother and my friends Ryan and Alice and filmed some video. Now, we are just sitting eating pizza(my favorite) and watching Arrested Development(my favorite)! Hope you like drawing #174 from the Character Sketchbook. i did it a year ago. It’s kinda crazy; layered it with different papers. So trippy, huh? :)

A Drawing of Lily Cole sitting in a chair Painted By artist Danny Roberts

Volume 2

Lily & Her Chair

Wow, today was really fun! i started hearing back and seeing picture from a lot of the people who ordered the Girl in Glasses Tee. Finding people wearing the shirt today was… to quote Geri Hirsch “kind of like Where’s Waldo!” It was really fun. If your shirt arrives, if you could send me a picture of you sporting it, that would be amazing! It’s so much fun seeing you all sporting the shirt! Thanks again so much! ;) The drawing for tonight i did 2 Thanksgivings ago. It’s of Lily Cole sitting on a chair. I really like how it turned out, kinda reminds me of being in a dream. You know how sometimes in dreams objects size and scale don’t really line up with reality. This picture reminds me of that! hah

Drawing of Gemma Ward with her Back turned walking down the runway by Artist Danny Roberts

Volume 2

Looking Back

Well, my friends, today was a good day of getting organized. I cleaned my Studio! You should see it; it’s all shiny and clean. I thought of a little concept for a short film, if i ever get time, i want to make it. The drawing tonight is out of Volume 2 of my Character Sketchbook. For some reason, i really like how it turned out It’s kinda simple but the lines in it just seem right. :) i hope you like it! and i hope you all are having a great night or day (depending on where you are ;)

This a drawing sketch by Danny Roberts of Lily Cole backstage at a Dior show out of Danny Roberts 131 Chartactersketchbook

Volume 2

Lily Cole Backstage 131

All the people who have a bad case of the Mondays, raise your hand… For those who can’t see me, i’m raising my hand… hahah Well, at least it’s down and out of the way. i think this week is going to be a long, brutal one, which, on a good note, means i should have some good dreams this week. If i have any good dreams, i will type them up and post it for yawl. The drawing today is from my Lily Cole Back Stage at, I believe, a Dior show, but I can’t remember. i like the raw rush of the scene. i hope you all like it! :)

Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook Drawings of Models Lily Cole and Gemma Ward

Volume 2

A Few More Sketchbook Drawings

Hello Friends, sorry for the little absence. Went to a wedding up in the San Luis Obispo area. One of my friends since i was in kindergarten got married last night. It was really a great wedding, but now i’m back and super tired/sick, but going to try to get some work done. I hope you like theses two pages out of my Character Sketchbook. :)

This Gemma Ward Drawing is one from danny roberts character Sketchbook Standing in a red dress

Volume 2

The Character Sketchbook 159

Wow! Thank you everyone for your amazing comments; really means alot. It definitely was a long day for me, so that was perfect encouragement throughout the day. I thought i would post one of my favorite pages from my Character Sketchbook Series. For some reason this was one of the hardest pictures for me to draw. But i think that is what makes it my favorite! It’s fun how that works, huh? I have a big day tomorrow, shipping out all these print orders, so don’t worry for you that ordered, they’re all going out tomorrow! :) i have to say, the new prints look really cool. i was so excited when i saw them.

Danny ROberts Fashion Illustration Character Sketchbook Drawing of Gemma Ward

Volume 2

My Bags Are Packed

Well i thought this drawing would be a fitting one to post since i drew it the last time i was on a plane. It’s part of my Character Sketchbook Series So My Bags Are Packed and i’m going to be on one tomorrow to Hawaii. i’m a little distracted with my check list…. probably going to forget something (always do) but it’s going to be great! Thank you so much Tendances De Mode for your feature today! It’s truly a lovely article. If you all want to read Click Here Well, my friends, sorry for this ADD Post. i’m distracted! Nighty!

Danny Roberts Fashion Illustration of Lily Cole

Volume 2

Lily Cole & Teen Vogue!

Well friends, today was long day, and i’m sorry to say, i didn’t finish that drawing for yea ;( i had a lot to do today. Did the drawing lesson with Molly (which i have to say, she is a natural!) and then got prints ready to ship, between those few things, the day melted away. Tomorrow, i’m off to work, and the next day Hawaii! Don’t worry, i will have a lot of sketches hopefully; traveling makes me want to draw non-stop for some reason! hah Well, the drawing today is from my Character Sketchbook. i hope you like it. It’s of Miss Lily Cole. Oh p.s. i was surprised to find out that Teen Vogue was nice enough to feature my Blogger Portrait Series in their teen vogue daily. Click here to check it out. Thanks so much Teen Vogue! Means alot! :)

This drawing is of Gemma Ward laying down in a louis vuitton ad illustrated by Danny Roberts

Volume 2

Sketch 102

Hello, hello! Sorry for the absence… I went up to central California Friday to watch the California High School State Wrestling Championships. A few of the kids i used to coach were wrestling in the competition. It was really fun, but i’m super tired now and a little sick. The drawing today is Number 102 out of Volume 2 of my Character Sketchbook and is of model Gemma Ward. i did this about a year ago…. Oh! i’m going to Hawaii in 3 weeks for one of my best friend’s weddings. It’s going to be amazing, starting to get excited! Woot woot! How are all you doing? P.S. I think Roman Holiday is next up on the Audrey saga. :)

Danny Roberts Art of red head Lily Cole Holding a Ballon in her hand

Volume 2

Tuesday Made Me Tired..

Wow, it is only Tuesday night and it’s not even late and i feel really tired… anyone feeling the same? I’ve been dreaming more lately, so i think that might be contributing. Been traveling to distant lands and worlds the moment i close my eyes… So, i plan on posting a new song my friend Christie and i did. Hope to mix and post it tomorrow. i hope you like it. She has an insanely amazing voice! :) The drawing i posted today, i did about a year ago. It’s drawing number 146 out of my Character Sketch Book. i hope you like it. I’m home working tomorrow, so i will have some new stuff for ya soon! i hope you all are having a great day :)