Painting of Lily Cole by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts number 138 from his Character Sketchbook

Volume 2

Lily Cole – CSB 138

Hi, everyone! How is your week going so far?! As usual, I am super busy haha But I’m working on a project that I am really excited about that I can’t wait to share with you all! Today’s post is another painting from my Character Sketchbook! It is Number 138 and is of the Lovely Lily Cole of IMG Models. As you may know, Lily Cole is one of the models that I learned to draw off of. So she has a special place in my heart. Haha : ) What do you think? I hope you like it!

Artist Danny Roberts painting of Australian Model Sophie Ward for his Character Sketchbook'

Volume 2

Sophie Ward – CSB 206

Hi, friends! How are you today? I’m super busy with some client work that I can’t wait to show you! I am using this crazy process that I just came up with for the project and I am really excited for how things are turning out so far : ) This drawing is of my friend Miss Sophie Ward and was for my Character Sketchbook. I really like the simplicity of it and feel like it captures Sophie. I hope you like it!

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of model Gemma Ward for his character sketch book 134

Volume 2

Gemma Ward – CSB 134

Morning! How are you doing today? Me? (Yawn) I’m still waking up… Went to see my friend Sean play in a new band he is in called “Foster the People“. They are incredible! Really great and fun music. Actually, their ep just came out today on itunes. You can get it here. The Image today is from Volume 2 of my Character Sketch Book. It was a pen drawing i did of Gemma Ward, but once i outlined it, it seemed like it needed something else so i added acrylic, and then color pencil. I’m not sure what it is about this one, but it’s one of my favorites in the series. I hope you like it :)

Painting from Danny Roberts from his character sketchbook of gemma ward and two other models

Volume 2

Attack of the Crazy Models

Hey Friends, how is the weekend going for you? Anything exciting? Watched one of my favorite movies, Hook! It’s been so long! The drawing today is Number 172 out Volume 2 of my Character Sketchbook. If you are new to the site and don’t know what the Character Sketchbook is, Click Here to read up on it… it’s one of my all time favorite projects. And if you do know about it… I have a question for you. How many of you would be interested in getting the Character Sketchbook if i find a publisher? I thought it would be cool project to publish because i think it shows anyone can learn how to draw, it just takes hard work and practice. ;) Oh, on another note, i had a really funny dream last night involving a supermodel and an adventure on a resort island! haah i might have to post it ;) haha Well, i hope you like the drawing. It’s kinda fun/crazy ;)

Danny Roberts Drawing Drawing of Gemma Ward from his character sketchbook while he was at New York fashion week in 2007

Volume 2

Fashion Week Build Up

Well, my friends… The race is on… The countdown has began and the mid-night candles are a burning! haah Well, 11 days left till i fly out to New York. I am currently staring at my multiple page “to-do before I leave list”, and trying to figure out how it’s physically possible to finish everything in time. The picture today is from Volume 2 out of my Character Sketchbook. Since i drew it last year in Bryant Park at NYFW, i thought it would be a good little sike up. I still don’t have my official schedule settled yet, been getting invites over the last few days, but once i have everything finalized, i will post the schedule! :) Well, hope you all are doing great! Edit: The amazing site Modelina has featured my work on there site in an incredible slide show click here to check it out!

fashion Sketch of model lily Cole by Artist danny roberts

Volume 2

Lily & the Plant

Hello my friends! Wow, i am so tired! Today was a long day. i’m excited to get back, wake up, and begin drawing again tomorrow! This drawing above i drew while on a plane flying back from New York fashion week a few years ago.. It’s weird to think it was that long ago… mmm.. i have a sweet tooth tonight, so i think my brother and i are about to leave for some ice cream. Guess i better get ready, but i hope you like the drawing and hope you all are having a great day! p.s. We have been updating the Dream Walking Society a bunch lately, almost got it to 24 hour posts going on! haha i hope you having been enjoying it!

Gemma Ward Drawing by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his Character Sketchbook

Volume 2

Pen & Ink – 192

Good morning all. Don’t you just love mid week/end of the week? I sure do. Almost the 4th of July! woot woot My friends Tim and Deanda (Luvbeat) are flying here on the 4th. i’m super excited! Should be quite a great time. Well, this drawing i did a little bit back. i hope you like it. It’s all pen and ink. Also i’ve been learning some new tricks… so hopefully i will have a new video for you all soon. :)

This Sketch of Lily Cole in Christian Dior Collection is From Fashion Artist Danny Roberts

Volume 2

The Count Down

Happy Sunday night! Well my friends, was it just me or did this weekend crank like lightning? For some reason, i was in a clothes designing mood all weekend, so needless to say, i have croquis scattered all over the room. The next few days are going to be hectic. It’s the few day count down, cause I’m flying out to Texas Wednesday! It’s going to be really fun. I just have a lot to figure out in the next few days. The Drawing today is of Lily Cole From my Character Sketchbook. I hope you like it! :)

Writer Sophie Ward in Artist Danny Roberts Painting

Volume 2

CSB 163

Well, it’s lovely just sitting with friends right now listening to a Fred Astaire album, and everyone is quietly working and enjoying each other’s company. The Character Sketchbook drawing today is of Sophie. i thought is only fitting with her being here and all. i looked through her modeling portfolio tonight for the first time. i was completely blown away! All the shots were incredible! It was really fun to see. if you haven’t checked out her blog, please check it out; its amazing! Click here to see it! Hope you all are doing wonderful. OH Sophie Just Entered the Twitter world!! go follow her! :) Click here to follow her


Volume 2

Hide N Seek

When was the last time you all played Hide & Seek? This image reminds me of playing that game. How was your day? Mine was great, drawing grid suit Croquis (Fashion sketchs) all day. Got like 25-30 drawn now. i decided to quit for the night when my eyes started to hurt and get all hazy… haha The picture today is from Volume 2 of my Character Sketchbook. The original picture is of Swedish model Mona Johannesson. I love the picture, i feel like the image captures Intimacy & Love perfectly. At least, whenever i think about love, that image pops into my head, not sure why. It’s just so playful. I’m not sure if my picture has that same feeling, but i sure tried… haha. Well, i hope you all are doing wonderful, and hope you like the drawing :)