Inspiration friday photo of a statue and a swirly painting

Inspiration Friday Music

Dancing With Strings

Yay! Happy Inspiration Friday, my friends! So i posted the song i wrote the other day. Let me know what you think of it :) The lovely Miss Stacy King is going to do vocals for it. I’m really really excited about it. The Instruments: Typewriter (for the beat), Cello, viola, Violin, Piano, Pads, other stuff but can’t remember… Also, I had an project idea today that involves whoever wants to be apart of it. The program is called “Blind Imagination” So basically the concept is: 1: You go out and record and put together 1-2 minutes of “Interesting” Audio and Email it to me at [email protected] 2: Then I will listen to it, and i will try to come up with a visual for the audio i pick. Try to make it interesting, and make it hard to for me to figure out what the audio is of. :) Whatcha think? Photos Via:,, Ghostparties, TheVamoose, Supermassiveblackholes

black and white Inspiration friday image of a girl in cute black shoesInspiration friday of a girls green eye and a girl looking forwarda ghostly  Inspiration friday of a girl crowd surfingInspiration friday of a naked girl running through fire works and a of a girls hair flying
Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Miette for the Dream Walking Society Runaways Ep by Tim Frost and Danny RobertsThis is a picture of the back cover of the dream walking society album notes that says Andy Freeman- Bay Area Tone- Mix & Mastering<br />Danny Roberts - Piano, String arrangements Katy McDonald - Vocals & Lyrics Ryan Baxley - Vocals & Lyrics Tim Frost - Instrumentation, arrangements


The Dream Walking Society EP on itunes!

Yay! It’s Finally Here!
Well this is just the start of many more to come. But my friend Tim Frost and I have been working for about a year on putting a full length album together. The album is going to be 21 songs. We thought that it was time to put out the ep for the album, now that we are about half way done with the full length. The last couple months have been kinda hectic trying to wrap this project up. I’m so excited for you all to hear the songs! I do you hope you like them. Click here to go to itunes The Album is only $4.95 on itunes.  It would be amazing if you could help us get the word out about it! I hope you like it and hope you’re having a great day!

P.S. Special Thanks to Andy Freeman & Bay Area Tone for Mixing and Mastering everything, and thank you to my good friend Mr. Ryan Baxley for singing and writing on “Waking in a Dream”, and thank you to Katy McDonald for your wonderful vocals and lyrics on “The Dream Walker”.

Dreamwalking society ep video bandits pass


Dream Walking Society – Runaways Ep Teaser

Hi, everyone! I’m excited to say that musical project i’m working on with my friend Tim, the Dream Walking Society EP comes out next Tuesday!!! I can’t wait for you to hear all of it! Well i thought i would post a quick video my friend made with one of the songs as a little preview. I hope you like :)

715 pixel square color animation


The Song Improv Experiment

Thank you so much for your kind words on the Film Short! I thought i would post a song i wrote the other day for you all. I tried a fun little experiment on this one… What i did was sit at a piano and hit record and i started just playing whatever came in my head (Click Here to Hear) & since the song was all improv, the timing was really bad and stuff like that. So i went back through and fixed the timing and then kept those same notes. Then played around with using different instruments to playing different parts of the song… and pretty much this song was born! haha Sorry if the mix on it isn’t the best. i’m terrible at mixing!

Big white blue and Orange Owl flying for igor and andre Inspiration friday

Inspiration Friday Music

Late Night Journey Of Sarah Finn

Awe TGIF! Haha Wow this was a really long week… I’m so tired.. How are you? Did you have a good week? Well Happy Inspiration Friday! Today’s theme is “The Late Night Journey Of Sarah Finn” Which is the title of the first book out of many I’ve been planning on writing. I’ve also been planning to write a music album to go along with the book. The Song I posted above is the Title Track I wrote for of the music album. and the Images above are a pretty good representation of the mood of the book and album to me. Well i hope you like the images and the song! The Images are From Edmund Dulac, Lina Scheynius, Ppimm, johanna, and I’m not sure who took the other ones.

Inspiration Friday Lina Scheynius diary spring picture of a bright tree with red panties in the center igor and andrePhoto from China Photographer ppimm Girls back with a big bow Inspiration fridayArtist Edmund Dulac Painting of Dreamer of Dreams  and a Black and white image of girl running Inspiration friday
Danny Roberts carrying his Love Josette past creatures in the underground forest

Fairy Tale Music

The Loud was Silenced…

Sorry i spaced on giving you all the info on the song. There was a request for the lyrics on the song. Also, i forgot to tell you i wrote the music and Katy wrote and sang the lyrics, based on the painting i did. (above) The Loud was Silenced…
Verse 1
Her Feet are Tired On the Soggy Ground. This Place is Quiet not a Single Sound. Her Body is Folding Folding Oh So Thin. the Flower its poison Poison seeps within within
Verse 2
What is this inside of me. i can not see i can not see oh. What is this inside of me
i can not lalalalaaaa
Verse 3 (Main Vocal)
She’s Slipping Slipping Slipping from the Poison, Poison, Poison. She’s Folding, Folding, Folding from the Poison, Poison, Poison. (Second Vocal) We’re Gonna make it together. (Third Vocal) Please Please let us through She will not make it If we don’t get there soon, soon I will hold her Tight. We’re Gonna make it Through this Dark Night. Through this Dark Night

The Back of honed creatures trying to attach Danny Roberts and Josette Josette and Mr. Roberts Journey to the underground forest
This Drawing Artist Danny Roberts did of two little boys dressing up

Fairy Tale Music

The Clown and the Pirate

Howdy, my friends. A new week, tons of fun! Woot, woot! Here’s a quick sketch i did for you all today. i hope you like it. Also, i wrote this song for you all this weekend. i hope you like it. It’s part of my album I’m writing call “I’m Living In a Soundtrack” which is the soundtrack to my life. hahah. Yesss! So i hope you like them. How are you all doing? if you want to hear more music posted on this blog Click Here

This is a drawing and painting that danny roberts did for igor + andré's the Camille in the underground forest

Fairy Tale Music

Camille and the Trees

Hello my friends, this drawing below i did as a collaboration project with my friend Christie Dupree. The way it worked is i wrote music for a song and sent it to her. and then did this painting inspired by the song. and sent it to her, and then she wrote lyrics inspired by the painting. Her Version of the song isn’t down yet. but i posted the version with out words. Let me know what you think.

This is a drawing and painting that danny roberts did for igor + andré's the Camille in the underground forest This is a drawing and painting that danny roberts did for igor + andré's the Camille in the underground forest This is a drawing and painting that danny roberts did for igor + andré's the Camille in the underground forest This is a drawing and painting that danny roberts did for igor + andré's the Camille in the underground forest