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This illustration Danny Roberts did of Model heather Marks


Heather Marks Drawings.

Ok so there is a kinda funny story with these two drawings.About a year ago, i had done some drawings in my sketch book of a model Heather Marks.i don’t know her, just drew off of some photos i liked and thought would be fun to draw. And when ever i draw someone, i usually try to share it with them, just because i feel like there the true owner of the picture… if that makes sense? but anyways, i looked on myspace and not sure if it really was her. but sent her an email. haha. and to make a long story short, to this day not sure if it was her, i’m thinking it wasn’t hahahha, but theses where the drawings.

this is a drawing danny roberts did of him and a girl out at sea

Fairy Tale

The First Drawing of Being 23.

well yesterday was my birthday. Turned 23. i also flew home from Lake Tahoe via Reno yesterday. So got to doodle for the first time in a week. so this drawing i posted above is a bi-product of that flight. Hope you like it. i think the title of it is going to be. “ME and She at the Sea” Hope you like it.

Drawing Danny Roberts did of a chanel collection and made into a Vogue Italia Cover

Magazine Cover

If I Could Have My Way…

So one of my goals in life is to illustrate a Vogue Italia Cover. About this time last year, i decided i would just make a few on my own instead of waiting for it to happen. hahah. yep so here they are let me know what you think. :)

handmadevoguecm1 Drawing Danny Roberts did of a chanel collection and made into a Vogue Italia Cover
Artist Danny Roberts Fashion illustration of the ladies of chanel girls in glasses spring 2007

Fashion Collections

The Girls In Glasses

Well hello friends!
I thought i would post on of my favorite mix media Fashion illustrations i’ve done. it’s called “Girls In Glasses” and it’s inspired by Chanel Spring RTW 2007 collection. As the models came walking out on the runway. The glasses stood out to me first. So that is when the concept for this piece was born. I hope you like it. :)

This is a drawing Danny Roberts did of Emma Arvida Elisabeth Byström


A Few Drawings Over The Last Two Days…

This is a drawing i did tonight of a girl from Sweden named, Emma Arvida Elisabeth Byström. she was kind enough to post some of my work on her blog today. Which is the first time anyone has every featured my work. :) This is the First portrait of my new Blogger Portrait Series.
The Picture below are of my friends stacy and Sophie & Gemma Ward.

This is a picture i did for my friend Stacy Dupree. I drew her as a siren for inspiration...

This is a Painting Danny Roberts did of Stacy Dupree as a SirenThis Drawing is From Danny roberts character Sketchbook, its a picture of sophie WardGemma Ward Drawing by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his Character Sketchbook
Danny roberts studio layered art display
Danny roberts layered art display

Fairy Tale

For My Room

this is a little something i made a little while back. it took me 11 days and 152 hours.
it’s 6ft by 5ft and 1ft deepi designed the clothes and used all different and real fabrics, and the rest of it is made out of recycled cardboard.let me know what you think. :) oh yea and it’s out a scene out of a story i’m working on in my head.
If want to see a short minute long documentary on the process Click here and enjoy.

Danny roberts layered art display Danny roberts layered art display Danny roberts layered art display