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Portrait of Hanna Beth in a Blue Babydoll Dress Painting done by artist danny Roberts



Hello Friends! How are you doing? The Blogger Portrait today is of HannaBeth whose got a bluzznet blog. Kinda funny how I stumbled on to her site… i was on Myspace and you know it has that section that says “People You May Know”? Well, her profile was in there, and for some reason her name seemed familiar and looked kinda familiar… so i click over and stumbled on this picture of her in a dress that looked fun to draw. i hope you like it! Her site didn’t have an email address so i couldn’t send it to her… so HannaBeth, if you see this, email me and i can send you the picture. Have a great day friends!

two boys wrestling in state finals


The High School Wrestling State Finals

Hey Friends, how are you? Wow, i don’t know about you.. but it’s been a busy last few weeks, but i’m slowly getting a handle on it. For you all who have ordered Prints thank you; i’m going to be shipping them off to you tomorrow! i really hope you like them! :) The Picture today is from the State Meet this weekend. We had amazing seats so i couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. i also posted an out take from my new Lookbook Picture. I hope you like all the pictures! :)

Danny Roberts Wearing a vneck shirt

Personal Style

Lookbook Portraits Yellow V Neck Shirt


Danny Roberts Flying threw the air Wearing a vneck shirt
This drawing is of Gemma Ward laying down in a louis vuitton ad illustrated by Danny Roberts

Volume 2

Sketch 102

Hello, hello! Sorry for the absence… I went up to central California Friday to watch the California High School State Wrestling Championships. A few of the kids i used to coach were wrestling in the competition. It was really fun, but i’m super tired now and a little sick. The drawing today is Number 102 out of Volume 2 of my Character Sketchbook and is of model Gemma Ward. i did this about a year ago…. Oh! i’m going to Hawaii in 3 weeks for one of my best friend’s weddings. It’s going to be amazing, starting to get excited! Woot woot! How are all you doing? P.S. I think Roman Holiday is next up on the Audrey saga. :)

This Painting is from Sophie Ward and Danny Roberts childrens book it is of a cat that Smells like marmalade Toast and whose name is Ginger

Fairy Tale

Mr. Toastmeister

Wow, oh wow! It seems like yesterday that my friend Sophie Ward and i started planning out how her great story, “The Ginger Marmalade Toastmeister“, would look… I remember sitting at this amazing coffee shop in Santa Monica, huddling around rough thumbnail sketches, and brain storming all the little subtle touches we could add to it… aw i miss those days! I realized it was almost a year to the day since i started working on the book. And don’t worry, i will finish it really soon. That is my goal! i’m closing in on it. My friend Jason Jones hand wrote all the type for it! This picture is a little sneak peak of page 13 out of it. :) Let me know what you think!

Ia quick Sketch by Danny Roberts of Two Girls Dancing, the colors are red and blue


My Dancing Girls

Ok so i ended up watching Funny Face again… hahah It’s so good! Like mind blowing good. My new goal is to get all of the suits that Fred Astaire wore in that movie. Oh, thank you all for the nice comments! i’m really glad you like the prints. :) It really means alot! i mailed some off today. i’m in need of a little drawing break, to get my brain firing on all cylinders. So the painting today i tried something a little different. i just did a quick scribble sketch to try to capture the moment and emotion… i hope you like it! :)

A Portrait of Audrey Hepburn from the movie funny face. Painted by Danny Roberts


Funny Face

Ok so i wanted to give you a little progress report on my Audrey Hepburn Movie watching… First off, thanks for all the great movie suggestions. So far i’ve seen My Fair Lady, Sabrina, Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s I think if i had to rate my Favorites so far in order 1: Funny Face 2: My Fair Lady 3: Sabrina 4: Breakfast at Tiffany’s They’re all wonderful though… Also, when i was watching Funny Face last night i decided i need to go to Paris and fall in love cause it looked like way too much fun! hahahaha ha But yes, i loved the movies. Thank you. i shall continue my way seeing them all. :)

Danny Roberts Painting of Model Gemma Ward sitting playing the cello

The Lily and Gemma book

Gemma and the Cello

Oh, how the Gemma and the Cello drawing makes me miss my good friend Sophie Ward. This was one of her old favorite paintings out of Volume 1 of the Character Sketchbook. I think it’s both of our goals to be able to play the cello some day. How amazing is the cello? This drawing is number 94 out of Vol. 1. How are you all doing? How are you enjoying all the Fashion Shows? Any of you excited about the NEW A CAMP ALBUM! Nina Persson is one of my all time favorite voices! i’m excited to be home painting tomorrow! Well, sorry for my random commentary! Woot, woot. Night/goodmorning!

Danny Roberts Paintings from Volume 1 of The Character Sketchbook, pages 50

The Lily and Gemma book

The Character Sketchbook 50

Well friends, i’m sitting here yawning and thinking back on the day. It’s over for me, but for most of you, you’re getting up and your day is just beginning… i’m so ready for bed. Lately, i’ve been pretty tired, i think it’s normal, just been working hard. i bought a pile of wood yesterday to use as convases! i’m excited. Thanks for all the kind comments on the last post. I’m glad you like that picture. A lot of you wanted to see the full painting, so i decided to post a link to it.The drawing i posted today is an early drawing out of my Character Sketchbook. It’s wierd to think that drawing is from 2 years ago. haha. So funny looking back on all the drawings and notes! Well, i hope you like it! :) i’m off to bed.