Danny Roberts Artist of igor and andre story book painting of a girl and a fox

Fairy Tale

The Girl & Her Fox

Hey friends, how are you!? SO… tonight my Dad got inducted into the Orange County Wrestling Hall of Fame for coaching! It was amazing! Such a great event ;) Congrats poppa! ;) Well, the drawing today is a random little sketch i did the other day called “The Girl & Her Fox”! It was more of a brain storming sketch. I’m not sure who the characters are yet, and what the story line behind them is yet. ;) I hope you like it :)

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Animal and people traveling alternative transportation

Fairy Tale

Sometimes I Want to Travel in a large Caravan

Well, my friends, since i posted about my brother yesterday, I thought i would post this painting i did 3 or 4 years ago for my brother’s birthday. The painting is 4ft by 5ft and is on pieces of water color paper. :) I’ve been really wanting to find some random forest to go on an adventure lately! Have i ever told you about my obsession/biggest “want” ever? Well, it’s a TREEHOUSE! Shoot! I have wanted one so, so, so bad! Still have never had one.. maybe one of these days. Well, i hope you all are having a wonderful day!

a close up of Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Animal and people traveling alternative transportation
Danny Roberts Layered Ilustration of a queen Girl

Fairy Tale

In the Beginning

Well happy Monday! haha kinda an Oxymoron huh? Well, had a great long weekend; went sailing with my family and my aunt and uncle. It was incredible, the wind was amazing. It was beautiful! Then today worked on finishing up Sophie Ward’s Children’s Book. I’m really close; i can’t wait for you all to read it. Oh, the picture i posted today is the first layered Art i ever did. It gave birth to the whole layered art series. I hope you like it! Hope you are having a great night :)

Art is a Painting Danny Roberts did of his story book  Night Queen, Arora

Fairy Tale

Arora Queen of the Night

Well Finally a scan and a name for Miss Arora Queen of the Night. Forgive me for the delay i’m still catching up from the trip. it’s kinda scary how far behind one can get leaving for 10days… haha i’m hoping to be caught up with everything tomorrow! woot woot! how are you all doing??? well friends i hope you all are doing amazing!

Danny Roberts carrying his Love Josette past creatures in the underground forest

Fairy Tale Music

The Loud was Silenced…

Sorry i spaced on giving you all the info on the song. There was a request for the lyrics on the song. Also, i forgot to tell you i wrote the music and Katy wrote and sang the lyrics, based on the painting i did. (above) The Loud was Silenced…
Verse 1
Her Feet are Tired On the Soggy Ground. This Place is Quiet not a Single Sound. Her Body is Folding Folding Oh So Thin. the Flower its poison Poison seeps within within
Verse 2
What is this inside of me. i can not see i can not see oh. What is this inside of me
i can not lalalalaaaa
Verse 3 (Main Vocal)
She’s Slipping Slipping Slipping from the Poison, Poison, Poison. She’s Folding, Folding, Folding from the Poison, Poison, Poison. (Second Vocal) We’re Gonna make it together. (Third Vocal) Please Please let us through She will not make it If we don’t get there soon, soon I will hold her Tight. We’re Gonna make it Through this Dark Night. Through this Dark Night

The Back of honed creatures trying to attach Danny Roberts and Josette Josette and Mr. Roberts Journey to the underground forest
This is artist and Fashion Blogger Danny Roberts sketch on the elepant tunnel

Concept Sketch

In to the Elephant Cave

Hey everyone, How have you been? Life for me has been busy but exciting. Been working on some fun projects lately. Oh, and i get to pick up my good friend, Miss Sophie Ward, tonight at the airport. She’s going to be here for a few days. It’s going to be really fun. i’m sure there will be some pictures from our adventures. :) Hope you’re having a great day!

This is a sketch from Artist Danny Roberts

Concept Sketch

Out To Sea

Hey Yawl, Thought i would post this little sketch i did at work when i was bored… hahah.. Hope you like. :) …. Oh yea. i bought a bunch of oil paint equipment… Never done it before, going to try to teach myself. i’ll keep you posted.

this is a drawing Artist Danny Roberts did for Sophie Wards Childrens book

Concept Sketch


Hey there friends. The drawing up there is a early concept sketch i did for Sophie Ward’s kids book. She had the idea of basing the cat character of this boy i coach named Joey. This was me trying to figure out how to do that…. hahah Don’t worry, Joey makes an appearance a few pages into the book… :)

Fashion artist and illustrator Danny Roberts drawing of Josette and the elphant king on an elephant

Fairy Tale

Josette & the Elephant King

Howdy friends. Here’s a little elephant drawing i did awhile back. It’s funny, the dress that “Queen Josette” is wearing is one i designed 3 years ago, but for some reason, i couldn’t stop drawing it in every one of my paintings, so there is a short stint where all my drawings had that dress in it. oh yea for Got to tell you N*style magazine in Portugal did a feature on me this issue. i’ll definitely post scans from it when i get a copy. :)