Fashion Photographer and Artist, Danny Roberts photo portrait of IMG model Anastasia Krivosheeva colorized eyes closed with flowers in her hair


Anastasia Krivosheeva’s Technicolor Dreams

My brother & I are branching out into photography, and I’m happy to finally post some of the photos I took this last summer during the few months I was living with my friend and photographer, Chadwick Tyler in NYC. I had the pleasure to work with the lovely Anastasia Krivosheeva. She is an amazing & delightful person. Chadwick surprised me with his craftiness constructing this flower head piece. This photo was one of my favorites from the shoot. It was originally a black & white photo, but I decided to try out some different colorizing techniques I’ve been working on. All of the color tints were painted. I can’t wait to show you more images and am hoping to start taking some photography jobs. Also, Anastasia is an up & coming photographer as well as a model.

Snowy Stone Statue New York Danny Roberts

American Museum of Natural History

Take Me to a Snowy Dreamland

OK, I’m officially ready to leave.
haha Got talking with my friend Sophie Ward about hot fudge sundays, and sledding and snowball fights, and i got so excited that i had to post some pictures i took last Fall in New York.
The first picture is outside the American Museum of Natural History, the second one is of my friend Camille of Childhood Flames, And the last one is of trees in Central Park.
I hope you’re having a great day.

camille snowy center park Danny Roberts New Yorksnowy central park Danny Roberts
Igor and andre photo of Camille of childhood flames taking  picture of a pack of lions in africa in the American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

The Day We Traveled the World

Hey Friends! How are you? :) I Found some picks today that I took at last NYFW, hahaha So, My Brother Dave, Mattias (Bloglovin), Carolina (FashionSquad), Camille (Childhood Flames), Ryan and Alice Baxley(Clouds & Candy), my Friend , and I went to the American Museum of Natural History and this happened… haha we had so much fun, it was one of the first times i get to show what goes on in my imagination with some pictures! haha well i hope you like the pictures. i think my favorite picture is the one of Camille with the lion! haha :). Edit: ooops just realized i linked to the wrong Clouds & Candy! the right Clouds & Candy is… Sorry alice ;)

Artist Danny Roberts Pictures at the American Museum of Natural History for fall 2010 Fashion week of david roberts and a buffaloArtist Danny Roberts Pictures at the American Museum of Natural History for fall 2010 Fashion week of Green Birds treeArtist Danny Roberts vs kingkong at the American Museum of Natural History for fall 2010 Fashion weekArtist Danny Roberts Pictures at the American Museum of Natural History for fall 2010 Fashion week
This is a picture of Danny Roberts Brother David Roberts Driving.

New Years Eve

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years my friends! My best friend, Mr. Benjamin Alexander Williams III is flying in tonight from New York. i’m really excited. Benje has been my partner in crime on many big adventures. He’s also my business partner since back when we were in junior high and i decided to start a clothing company. Well, the post today is actually up on my Image Diary. Last night, my brother, and my friend Ryan Baxley and his fiancée Alice, and I went out and wandered on an adventure. i posted pictures from the adventure. i hope you like them. :)

When i woke i found my self to be slightly confused... The night was young when we first departed... Ryan and Alice Baxley going for a stroll Ryan had a strange feeling that that we where being followed...The Numbers guided us to a land of planes and over sized toysThere was a strange glow that drifted up from the darkness The Fog come up and we where swollowed up into the night.