igor and andre Inspiration friday image of a bunch of Little kids in 1910 raising there hand via snorpy

Inspiration Friday

A Dream That I Call Home

Well My Friends it’s Friday!~ YAY! I’m really happy that it is. This has been a long week! For example, I definitely fell asleep at my computer while proof reading last night! My brother was kind enough to proof it, and click post for me, then wake me up! hahah Yea, needless to say, I’m ready for some sleep this weekend. So today’s Inspiration Friday was inspired by the mix I’m currently listing to… The playlist is posted up on “Inside My Brain” so you can listen along ;) But really like how it turned out! It has a warm intimate feel to it. It kind of reminds me of the dreams you have that you’re really disappointed you had to wake up, and you wish they could go on forever… You know what I’m talking about, right??? The Images are from a variety of places… Snorpy, Joe Sorren (my favorite living painter), Vincent Van Gogh, Life Magazine (1950), And the last photo on the bottom right, I took during this last Fashion Week at the Siki Im Fashion Presentation. P.S. The image of Kate Moss was when she was 14 and it was her first photo shoot, i think… What the heck! She looked like a star from day 1 ;) P.S.S. I’m working on a story book painting for yawl, i think you will like it! :)

Vincent Van Gogh Self portrait chapeau and A black and white portrait of Kate Moss when she was 14 in her First Photo Shoot EverInspirational Painting of a girl laying on a bed pinks by Artist Joe SorrenOld Photo From the 1800s Sepia of 5 sitting men on of the men has a funny pointed hatRue Lawrence sitting in a frill dress working on school work, October 1950 Cover girl of Life Magazine by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Danny Roberts Black white portrait oh a boy at the siki im Fashion week fall 210 collection new york time hat

Window Display

My First Window Display – Remember When

Oh my Remember When! I almost Completely forgot i made this! Wow it’s amazing how much has happened in 2.5 years, it honestly feels like 100 years ago. This is my First and only Window Display I’ve done, and my, oh my, it was a lot of work! I had to cut every layer of cardboard on that thing. and had to draw every piece twice because it was double sided. But i really like how it turned out. I mean, not too many times you get to draw yourself flying over the world holding a lovely girl’s hand ;) I’m pretty sure it was 9ft X 6ft X 3ft, and I think I have 7-8 scars from building that monster. I hope you like it! :)

Eco-Citizen-Display-1 Eco-Citizen-Display-3
Inspirational image 1900 - 1920 black and white picture of two boys dressed as clowns one is on a horse and the horse is jumping and bucking the kid off

Inspiration Friday

The Land Of the Runaways

Happy Inspiration Friday! Welcome my Friends to the Land of the Runaways! So a few years ago i kept having these dreams that all took place in the Forest of the Runaways. haha no joke, it only existed in my dreamworld, and the Runaway Forest was full of rag tag kids that either didn’t have a family or had runaway from home and now lived in this Kids town they built in the forest. In my dream i would always come visit them, and lead them on random adventures. So today’s set of images are inspired by the Runaway’s Forest. It’s kinda uncanny how much the images look like that world! so Fun! I’m hopping to start writing short stories from my dream world. ;) The collection of images are from Shorpy, Lula Magazine, and from my friends Knightcat & Alice. P.S. I Added Buttons to the right to “Inside My Brain” & “The Dream Walking Society” :)

Models Romina Lanaro, Behat Prinsloo, Felicity Gilbert for Heavenly Creatures Editorial Vogue UK March 2006 Laying Down sleeping in a Field and A Tough Black and white Graining Tough Looking 1920s imagesA warm Inspirational Photo of a Profile of a beautiful Girl wearing a hat and hair blowing with a soft focus by the oceanAn Old Sepia Photo Archived Picture of 9 young girls standing in two rows for the 4th of july Wearing Big Hats and American Flage Skirts and shirts in the 1920s or 1940s or 1930sBeautiful Portrait of a young girl with Freckles, bright red lips, and 1950s style hat, and blond braided hair for Danny Roberts Inspiration FridayAmazing picture of Ali Michael from DNA Model the image is from Lula magazine Spring issue 10 the photographer was Catherine Servel and a 1800 black and white picture of an old man with a beard Inspiration imagesTwo Sepia Great depression inspirational photos Freckle Faced girl and a boy with  dirty face and wearing a torn cap and sweater


Ali Michael + Lula = Candy

Hello! This weekend when my brother and I were picking up a copy of Teen Vogue, I saw the corner of a familiar looking magazine sticking out in the back row at Barnes & Nobel. After a little Investigation and to my surprise, I found a copy of Lula Magazine! I’ve only seen Lula online, but alot of you have been telling me to go buy a copy. So I finally did, & Me O’My! I’m so Glad I did. First off, the paper stock is amazing! It feels like a photo book! But the colors and the over all aesthetics of the publication are just perfect. As I was looking through the mag, there was one particular editorial that stood out to me more than the others. There is this simple, beautiful, and innocent looking editorial of Ali Michael. The Color Palette is perfect, and Ali’s Expression is magical! It’s funny, but the only way I can describe the pictures is “CANDY”. It reminds me of the way you feel after taking your first taste of candy, and a smile starts to form. So you know of course I had to Paint it! I really really really like how it turned out. I hope you like it too :) Hope you’re having a great day!

Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpretation of Fashion Model Ali Michael from DNA agency, the painting is of Ali laying on her side with bright blue eyes.


The Bright World Of Ali Michael

Hello friends! Sorry i didn’t get this post up last night… Basically I was the only one awake in the house, & i was drifting off to sleep as the image was uploading… So i thought it best not to post because, The Writings of a 3/4 of the away asleep Dyslexic Boy are not a pretty sight! haha Oh so, Thank you all so so so much for the Blog Birthday Wishes! It really means alot! I’m really excited for what the next year will bring. I Actually started to plan out ideas for the blog content, a day or so ago… Are there any Series you would like to see more of? Storybook series? Blogger Series? The Series on Love? The Model Series? (which i got some new things planned) Well the post today is of The Lovely Miss Ali Michael! She is such a fun model, Plus she is a Texan! Ali has such a beautifully calm demeanor & Presence. So I guess she has a tumblr account! The painting today is of a self portrait off her blog! Well … i think it was a self portrait. But when i saw it, i had to paint it! It’s so intriguing, huh? Well, i hope you like it. ;) Do check out her blog, it’s Alimichael.tumblr.com

A collage of Artist danny Roberts  blogger portraits


2nd Blog Birthday! woot woot!

Well, my friends,
it’s my pleasure to say, i’ve now blogged for 2 years!
Wow, time has flown by! So crazy. It is Igor + André 2nd blog birthday, and i have to say it’s been the best 2 years. Wow, i started this blog having never read a blog, or really knowing what blogging was all about.
Didn’t think anyone would ever read it and now 2 years later, almost a million people have stoped by. I came on here not expecting anything, and just wanting to share whatever project i was working on. You have giving me so much. Friendship, support, feedback, and so much more. Really, words can’t describe how grateful i am for you. i mean, i wouldn’t be able to spend my time making art if it wasn’t for all the support. Last year, I posted an image like this with all the Blogger Portraits, and i spent the week trying to figure out what to post… it was really hard, even drew a really weird birthday cake today, but it just didn’t feel right. I mean, how do you sum up a year? or even 2 years? Then it hit me, you look at what matters the most. For me, I think the best thing about blogging has been the Friends that have been born out of it. So, i thought an updated Blogger portrait image would be the best way to represent the year’s bloggers. I hope you like it. & Thank you so much for everything.
I truly mean it. ;)

Inspirational images Lina Scheynius of a girl hair blowing in the sunset  and a boys dark silhouette

Inspiration Friday

The Road is Long, Tough, and Cold

Well a Very Happy Inspiration Friday! How are you doing my friends? My Day has been amazing! it’s like the full trifecta… 1: It’s Inspiration Friday 2: It’s My Moms Birthday 3: I got Featured on MODELS.COM!!! As you all pretty Much know Models are my favorite subject matter to draw. So basically to be featured on the front page models.com is like a dream come true! Thank you Chris from One Management & Models.com! Click Here to Check out the Interview. Today’s inspiration Friday has a kind of dark vibe to it, but listen to the band “Explosions in the Sky” while you are looking at the images, and you should get the right vibe. Last weeks image set was kind of the ending to this set. Think of this weeks images as The First half of a book, Last Weeks as the last half of a book. I’ve been lovely some of those oldpaintings. The Images are from Lina scheynius, Brassai, Hans Memling, Simone Martini, Steven Meisel, and Joseph Mallord William. if i left anyone out let me know! :) Hope your having a Magical day!

Brassai aka Gyula Halsz Photo of guys and girls in a theater mirror black and whiteOld 1800 photo in the show of russians Inspiration FridayLina scheynius and Brassai pictures of people one latter and trees and panty hosescenes from the passion of christ Hans MemlingSaint Martin Renounces His Weapons painting by Simone MartiniSteven Meisel Black and white photo from vogue Italy march 08 and an old treeSnow Storm, Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps 1812 by the great painter Joseph Mallord William
Fashion Artist Danny Roberts second Collaboration Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers


Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Collaboration – Part 2

New Tote-bags anyone???? ;) So, my brother sent me a link to bloomingdales.com today, and to my surprise, the first bag from Gwen Stefani‘s Harajuku Lovers Collaboration 2.0 is out! :) I’m so excited for you too see all the handbags! Shoot, i’m so excited to see the new handbags! Still haven’t see them all. The girl in “Lovers 5” jersey is my personal favorite ;) I just love how she turned out. i have that painting sitting in my room. Well, i will keep you posted on when the rest of the bags are out, and also what stores they are in. i hope you like it!

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Collaboration with Forever21 Painting of Alice Pleasance Liddell of Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Alice Inside the Looking Glass

Hey Friends, how are you doing? Happy be-lated Easter! Did yawl have a good weekend? I have to say, i had a pretty productive weekend. So, the post today… Say Hello to Miss Alice from that great big wonderland! As I’m sure you guessed, this is the Alice from the first part of my Collaboration with Forever21! I really like how it turned out. I feel like she has the right amount of innocence and the right amount of mischievousness! haha I had a lot of fun painting this piece. If you are interested in winning a 22″X17″ exclusive print, you can enter into the Forever21 Give Away Here. I hope you like it! :)

inspiration friday image steven miesel

Inspiration Friday

When the Zeppelin Calls

Happy Inspiration Friday my friends! :) How was your day? My was great. So i’m not sure if you all have noticed the 1400-1800 influence in the Inspiration Friday‘s over the last few weeks. I’ve never taken any Art History classes, and i really don’t know about other artists. So i’ve been researching and discovering older painters, and loving every minute of it!. I’ve always been obsessed with Zeppelins so i thought a journey on a Zeppelin would be a theme for this Inspiration Friday. The Inspiration Friday images are Steven Meisel, El Greco, Hans Holbein the Younger, and a few others that i don’t know where they are from. If you have questions, go to: http://www.formspring.me/DannyJRoberts ;)

inspiration friday imageghostly inspiration friday image of people runningold inspiration friday image of a blimp explodinginspiration friday image by steven miesel of farming girlsinspiration friday image of the