Inspiration friday photo of a statue and a swirly painting

Inspiration Friday Music

Dancing With Strings

Yay! Happy Inspiration Friday, my friends! So i posted the song i wrote the other day. Let me know what you think of it :) The lovely Miss Stacy King is going to do vocals for it. I’m really really excited about it. The Instruments: Typewriter (for the beat), Cello, viola, Violin, Piano, Pads, other stuff but can’t remember… Also, I had an project idea today that involves whoever wants to be apart of it. The program is called “Blind Imagination” So basically the concept is: 1: You go out and record and put together 1-2 minutes of “Interesting” Audio and Email it to me at [email protected] 2: Then I will listen to it, and i will try to come up with a visual for the audio i pick. Try to make it interesting, and make it hard to for me to figure out what the audio is of. :) Whatcha think? Photos Via:,, Ghostparties, TheVamoose, Supermassiveblackholes

black and white Inspiration friday image of a girl in cute black shoesInspiration friday of a girls green eye and a girl looking forwarda ghostly  Inspiration friday of a girl crowd surfingInspiration friday of a naked girl running through fire works and a of a girls hair flying
Beautiful dreamy under water photo by photographer Barbara Cole of a girl in white see through dress

Inspiration Friday

Cotton Candy for the Summer Girl

(1. Barbara Cole 2. Jacques Henri Lartigu 3. Philip Govedare 4. Not sure found on tumblr)
Happy Inspiration Friday
I seriously can’t believe a week has gone by since we were in New York. This week went by So Fast. Since it’s been Pretty hot here in California, I thought this weeks Inspiration friday set would have the feel of a sunset in the summer. I hope you have a inspired day.

Inspiration Friday Image of Picture of Two Women with oranges by French photographer and painter Jacques Henri LartigueBeautiful landscape painting for this weeks inspiration friday by Philip GovedareBeautiful inspiration friday photo of a girls back and profile with flowers in her hair
Inspiration Friday Image by Hendrick Avercamp dutch painting of  winter landscapes

Inspiration Friday

Sounds Beyond the Daily Noise

Happy Inspiration Friday!
Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! It made my birthday an amazing one. :)
Wow, this week was a hectic one! I’m so ready for the weekend. David and I both in desperate need of some rest. :)
Leaving for New York in a week in a half or so. (fill you in on it tomorrow)
I hope you have a very inspired day!

(1. Hendrick Avercamp 2. Philip Govedare 3. Iphone Picture i took in hawaii 4.Barbara Cole 5. Not sure found on tumblr )

Beautiful landscape painting for this weeks inspiration friday by Philip GovedareDanny Roberts photo in hawaii of the hill and landscapesBeautiful dreamy under water photo by photographer Barbara ColeInspiration friday images fairies in the forest
Inspiration Friday Polina Kouklina 10 Magazine summer 2004

Inspiration Friday

The Past Seems much Brighter

(1. Polina Kouklina 10 Magazine summer 2004 2. Barbara Cole 3. Not sure found on tumblr 4.George Henry Seeley 5. Philip Govedare)

Hey, Friends!
Happy Inspiration Friday!
Been working hard on a pretty cool project that I can’t talk about yet, but will be able too soon enough. Right now it’s raining out side, and a cool breeze is drifting in the room and it feels amazing. Some of my favorite weather. While preparing this week’s Inspiration Friday post, I discovered an amazing landscape painter named Philip Govedare. Check him out! He’s really incredible. Well, I hope you have an inspired day! :) p.s. Did you like the first Dave’s Pick?

Beautiful Inspiration Friday photo by underwater photographer Barbara Cole of girl walking.  Beautiful Picture of an blue eye of a girl for the Inspiration FridayOld Inspiration Friday image by George Henry Seeley of ghostly picture of of a girl. Inspiration Friday Image by Philip Govedare of beautiful landscape painting bright and colorful
Beautiful inspiration friday Photo by Fashion Photographer Chadwick Tyler of Model Ali Michael

Inspiration Friday

We Dream of a New World

(1. Photo by the great Mr. Chadwick Tyler. via tumblr via tumblr 4.Egon Schiele 5.Henry Dager via tumblr)

Happy Inspiration Friday my friends!
I thought since David and i are writing a book that takes place in another world, that it would be apropos to lay out some Inspiration Friday post that are inspired by other worldly things. The next thing i knew, i had laid out the posts for the next 9 weeks. This week is the first out of a 9 part series. I hope you like it. :)

p.s. if you know who took pictures 2,3, and 6. let me know ;)

inspiration friday image from tumblr of a baby deer standing in the snowInspiration friday image from tumblr of beautiful white and pale pink roses Inspiration friday Painting of colorful houses by austrian artist egon schieleInspiration friday Painting Artist henry dager of a girl and dragonInspiration friday photo from tumblr of white snowy mountains from tumblr
Pretty inspiration friday image of a model with jewels on her hear and bright red lips

Inspiration Friday


For the life of me i can’t remember where the first picture is from.. The Second image is from cori kindred’s flickr page. The third image is the wall paper from either the 5th or sixth harry potter movie. the bottom photo is Snejana Onopka by Daniel Jackson)

Happy Inspiration Friday!
The theme for today’s inspiration friday is magic.
I’m currently working on a new picture and new video, going to try to finish it in the next few days. I can’t wait to post it. I hope you’re are inspired today. :)

 cori kindred beautiful picture of multi colored flowers Harry potter magical family tree of the black family Model Snejana Onopka by Photographer Daniel Jackson in Harpers Bazaar Magazine January 2006 Issue
1930s black and white photo of girls synchronized swimming

Inspiration Friday

Spinning into the Grey

Hey Friends, how is your Saturday going? I know it’s not Friday, but i actually fell asleep yesterday while uploading the Inspiration Friday images. It’s been so long since we’ve posted one. We’re happy to finally start it up again.

BookUpdate: We finished writing chapter 6 and started on chapter 7 this morning. So only 14 more to go. We are shooting to finish the rough draft September 15th. :)
(I’m sad to say i only know the source of one of the images. If you know any of these let me know. The 3rd picture is by Steven Klein)

Newcomer Portrait Series Update: I chatted a little bit with Anna Lund Sørensen, yesterday. She is quiet a lovely girl. I know i have already posted her portrait, but if your interest i can still do an interview for you. Let me know if you’re interested. and if so post any questions you would have for her. but do let me know:)

A grey and black and white inspiration photo ofKate Moss by Steven Kleina Bw photo of a woods and forest
Inspiration friday picture of a Close up of an old 1937 pink and tan map of paris

Inspiration Friday

Marie & the Peach Rose

Hey Friends!
Happy inspiration Friday! We finally made it through another week! … A freezing week, i might add. This week’s inspiration Friday vibe is a sort of Romantic journey, where time seems to stand still as you’re walking in and out of universes playing hide and seek! I hope it inspires you today ;)

On a different note, I decided to continue painting the 4′ by 3′ oil painting i’m working on all on Ustream. So i will try to each week paint the different layers for you. But i saw a lot of you had trouble because of the time difference watching it. Is there a good time for me to do the next one? I’m thinking of doing it this coming up Monday (December 12), at either 10am or 2pm PST and i would paint for 3 or 4 hours.

(Images by Pierre Joseph Redoute. The rest of the images i don’t know who did them but if you do i would love to know! :)

Inspiration friday painting is by 1700-1800 artist Pierre Joseph Redoute of pink roses with black backgroundThis Inspiration friday painting is a girl model leaning forward on to her hand and looking into the camera with two pony tails and a knit sweater with a flower wallpaper.This photo is of Firry orange grass in forest with white trees and black knots on the trees in Aspen Colorado, for Inspiration friday
A black and white Grainy Close up Model Kate Moss smokey eyes by Fashion Photographer Steven Klein

Inspiration Friday

Traveling through the Mushroom Trees

Happy Inspiration Friday!
How was your week? I don’t know if i am the only person who feels like this, but did this week feel really long? I’m so tired today. I feel like i have been moving in slow motion. On a positive note, I finally got an Inspiration Friday post up. I just realized how long since i posted an inspiration Friday post. i planned the next four weeks of Inspiration Friday posts. It basically took me all day to lay them out, but I really like how they turned out. I hope you like the pictures. :)

Well, I got to get going, cause i completely forgot to order the pizza!
I hope you’re having a great day.

(Pictures by Steven KleinSofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, and i’m not sure who took the other two pictures.)

Inspiration Friday image of rolling bright green grassy hillsPhotographers Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello Volte-face EditorialNuméro Magazine November 2008Faded picture of Mushrooms for inspiration Friday
Inspiration friday painting by John William Waterhouse called Hylas and the Nymphs

Inspiration Friday

The Land of Nymphs

Hey Friends, happy Friday!
Wow this has been a long week for me. Been working on tons of different types of projects, and finally wore me out! Ended up over sleeping by about 5 hours today, so feeling a lot better.
The Inspiration Friday theme today was “The Land of Nymphs” Cause you always have to have a nymph themed post every now and then ;) I hope you’re having a great day! and have a great weekend :)

(Images by John William Waterhouse, Peter Paul Rubens, Camilla Akrans, William Adolphe Bouguereau)

Peter Paul Rubens<br />Lady-In-Waiting to Infanta IsabellaPre-raphielite John William Waterhouse oil painting of  Ophelia 1889Post for inspiration friday by William Adolphe Bouguereau painting is called  La Vierge au Lys The Virgin of the Lilies