Allie Crandell Drawing by Artist Danny Roberts, she is wearing a big striped hat.


Allie & the Big Striped Hat

Hi Friends. Well, today was a good day. Finished up a few projects, let my mind unwind, and scribbled up this drawling for you all tonight. Wow, it just hit me how tired i am right now. How are you doing? i tried to make you an animation today, but my brain had too many big and elaborate ideas to pull off in one day, so i decided to do this drawing. its of model Allie Crandell. Hope you all are doing great! Thanks for reading. You’re really the best :)

  1. geisharock says:

    this is beautiful. i absolutely adore your work! sweetie you are so talented and deserve to go great places :) love that picture of rumi too xoxo

  2. Blan says:

    you are a great artist. Long time ago I follow your pics and I love it, the girls are so lucky :)

    kiss from spain,


  3. Claudia says:

    All your pictures are so amazing! I found your blog month ago by chance and it became one of my favourites :)!
    many greetings from Germany!

  4. Igor+andré says:

    Re: Luxe

    oh wow i just looked up Allie from the city and i guess it is! haha i hadn’t heard of the show. I actually just found out about her as a model by Knightcat last week! :)

  5. Mays says:

    Hey Danny! (first time commenting)
    I really love this one, her face looks so soft. I would suggest that you make a prints of it, but I shouldnt because I probably wouldnt be able to buy it, but I just wanted totellyou that I really appreciated it! Im thinking of getting the t-shirt though, I feel like its such a statementprinton it.
    Anyway thanks for sharing with us all your beautiful work!

  6. Jade says:

    The picture reminds me of how I feel when I wear my big hat… I love it! You should should definately make this into your next tshirt, and then I'll wear it with my hat…haha

  7. ThePalindromeGirl says:

    It's so beautiful! Wow I really love your drawing style so much! just a little question, but what medium is this? just pen and watercolor? is that what most of your drawings are in? thank you SO MUCH for posting such beautiful drawings, they make my day!