Painting of Merily Sequin magazines by artist Danny Roberts


Happy Birthday Merily

Well, I didn’t think i would have another post today, but when i heard it was Merily‘s, of Sequin Magazine, birthday today, i thought i would post one more time. Her portrait is the 36th blogger portrait i think. I’ve been reading Merily’s blog for a while now, almost since i started blogging. It’s quite a delightful one. i very much recommend it :) I hope you like the painting. If you want to see all the Blogger Portrait series click here.

  1. Lauren says:

    this is absolutely gorgeous, as is all of your work! i've never read her blog before, but i think i will now. she has a great sense of fashion!

  2. girish says:

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  3. Eliese L. says:

    I recently received the “girls in glasses”-shirt and I love it!
    You are such a great artist, and I really love your drawings. Thanks for sharing them on this blog. ♥

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely stunning. It's really gorgeous and I'm totally in love with your art & all your drawings. You definitely got a new fan!
    Keep going !