Danny Roberts Portrait of the Founder of because im addicted blog, Geri Hirsch


Geri Hirsch of Because Im Addicted

Ladies & Gentlemen, Let me introduce you to Geri Hirsch. Her Blogs is becauseimaddicted.net, and it’s a wonderful site. The funny thing is, i came across this picture of her months and months ago on some random site, and i remember thinking to myself, “I have to draw this picture.” Then not too long ago, i stumbled on to Geri‘s blog which is called “Because i’m Addicted“. It’s a great blog that covers Fashion, Music, Food, & Events. Please check her site out. Oh and i hope you are all wonderful! If you want to see more Blogger Portraits Click Here.

  1. MsVeve says:

    Aww that's hot. Love the color of the lips and how the signiture blush was traded in for the hearts. Picture perfection!


  2. LACY says:

    wow i love all of these pictures, so much emotion and colors are brought through in your paintings. great work :)